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  • property management throughout france
  • no job too small, no project too large
relax... there's no need to worry!

Friendly people providing professional help to home owners in France

Whether you need some minor maintenance or a full renovation,
practical assistance or administrative help,
you can call on us.

 In a nutshell, we will do anything reasonable asked of us!

If it is outside our area of expertise, we will happily work on your behalf, to find someone local who can do it. As franchisees of Les Bons Voisins, we also have a whole “internal” network of experts to seek advice from.

A quick glance through the area profiles and porfolios will reveal the wide range of experience at our fingertips.

You will find details of the services we provide here, but as every client has their own specific requirements, please treat them only as a guide. Every one of our clients is an individual, and has different needs. The amount of work we do for them often depends on their country of residence, whether or not they speak French, and whether their home here also serves as a business.

Les Bons Voisins - from translations to changeovers offering help to homeowners in France

“Recommended to LBV by the local notaire, I was immediately impressed by their friendly yet professional approach.”

“They even seem to have a hotline to French officialdom, a blessing to busy people like us, who want to relax when we visit our French holiday home.”  

“With Les Bons Voisins many skills and contacts the house is now finished and we welcomed our first guests in June. That seemed an impossible deadline to meet until we had LBV helping.”

“We still remember that first phone call to LBV, can you? Do you? Will you? And thankfully the answers were all yes. That was 3 years ago and since then we haven’t looked back.”

property management in france

The following is an overview of the property management services which LBV provides. A complete list of services available to clients is in this document:

LBV Property Management Services (PDF)

Chimney Sweeping

LBV is pleased to have in their network, fully registered and insured chimney sweeps working under the LBV umbrella. Covering an entire département each, the initiative has started in Central Brittany with Finistère.  

Read more: Chimney Sweeping

Caretaking and key holding

No wonder we say relax, it’s all taken care of. We will hold your keys and regularly check your property to take the worry out of your long distance ownership. If you let your property, then we will deal with guests changeovers on your behalf. 

Read more: Caretaking and key holding

Property Maintenance

Our comprehensive service can be tailored to meet your needs. From initial refurbishment and possible repairs to ongoing routine management, we can take care of as much or as little as you need.

Read more: Property Maintenance


Giving you back your holiday home often starts with keeping your garden looked after regularly. Anything from a complete makeover to give you a low-maintenance garden, to simply keeping the grass under control - we'll do it for you.

Read more: Gardening

Letting your home/changeovers

When it comes to welcoming guests and preparing your property for them, we can make a real difference to the success of renting it out.  From clever advertising and marketing through to fixing that blocked shower, you can rely on us.

Read more: Letting your home/changeovers

Sourcing and liaison with artisans

When you need something outside of our own skill set, we will source local artisans to work for you and supervise the situation on your behalf.  Your investment in the local economy will not go unnoticed and your reputation will be enhanced.

Read more: Sourcing and liaison with artisans

Administrative and language help

With local contacts and language skills, we can iron out issues for you whether that is dealing with utilities, obtaining planning permissions or getting you a rebate on local taxes.

Read more: Administrative and language help

Buying a property?

We can be your eyes and ears when you are searching for a property in France.  We can speak to local estate agents or notaires on your behalf, working to your wish list and doing an initial visit on your behalf to save you time and money.  wa

Read more: Buying a property?

Moving to France?

If you are about to take the plunge and move to France permanently, let us help with the initial process when your "Things to do List" is longer than your arm and you don't know what to do next! Let us smooth your path as you make the journey.

Read more: Moving to France?

Needing a holiday?

Looking for a 'Home' for your Holiday?  Les Bons Voisins property managers welcome guests to our clients properties and can guarantee they will not be disappointed.  Why not have your holiday in one of the properties we care for personally...

Read more: Needing a holiday?

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