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  • property management throughout france
  • no job too small, no project too large
relax... we know the best people for the job!

One of the strengths of our network is that we are not afraid to say what we cannot undertake
for you ourselves -

but we are proud that we always know someone who has the right experience and expertise
to help when we are not able to.


Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with professionals
with other spheres of expertise
to whom our clients can turn directly for assistance. 


Contact any of them now - yes, you've got it -

for exceptional service at competitive prices! 


 LBV always know just the right person to help you whatever the issue


 "I am delighted to have been introduced to LBV. 
I think the service you provide is superb
and I would have no hesitation in recommending
you to anybody with a property in France."

 Gerald Leney


Come and Meet Us!

At least three times a year we are at UK exhibitions to meet and advise new LBV clients, agents and franchisees. Why not drop in for a coffee and a chat? 

Details of our next appearance and FREE tickets can be found HERE


Lbv Links to other trusted professionals

We are proud in the network to surround ourselves with expert assistance from professionals whose area of expertise compliment our own.  See below for some of our contacts who may well be able to help you - talk to them and tell them we sent you! 


Currency Exchangers

Whether you are an individual purchasing an overseas property or a corporate entity needing to regularly exchange currency as part of your business, using a currency exchanger can offer you the security of the High Street banks without the high fees!  We have a history of working with the very best company specialising in this field - contact them now and see what a difference it can make. 

Exchanging currency with FC Exchange - a team you can trust.  www.fcexhange.com or follow the link on our home page.


French Plans

French Plans offers a unique planning & design service throughout France. With their associated French architects they can deal with all types of planning application - Permis de Construire, Déclaration Préalable, Certificat d’Urbanisme. Renovations, conversions, new build or extension - all your planning requirements in France, under one roof.  No matter how large or small your project, they can help you achieve your dreams and all at exceptionally affordable prices.


Graphics & Websites Shu Milne Creative

Designed this website and our other site www.lbvfranchise.com. From simple adverts to styling and photography of your Gîte or even Château. Sparkling design of innovative, bespoke websites to improve your “rentability” in a crowded market. Websites designed by Shu have seen dramatic upturns in bookings and can be further enhanced and backed up with eBrochures.

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