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Sally Stone
Bureau Central
SARL Les Bons Voisins
1 Lieu Dit Kerhunou
22340 Locarn

Tel +33 (0)2 96 24 74 27
Skype Les Bons Voisins
email me direct

  If your area is not covered,
or you are unsure exactly where your property
sits in relation to an LBV area,
contact Bureau Central directly
and we will be pleased to assist you


 Sally Stone founder of Les Bons Voisins - caring for those who care for France

bureau central - the hub of the network

Owners of French property discover quickly the six key benefits of working with a nationwide network of property managers like Les Bons Voisins (LBV)

1. We're always contactable throughout the working day. Even when your local LBV property manager is out of contact - perhaps assisting another client - LBV Bureau Central (Head Office) is always manned, so clients often ring here when they are seeking help.

2. For new potential clients, especially those who don't know which LBV property manager is closest to them, Bureau Central is always here to help with answers about costs, services, or how the LBV network operates.

3. Many of our new clients come to us via magazine adverts or internet searches, so Bureau Central is able to discuss their needs, explain LBV's services, and then put them in touch with their nearest LBV property manager. And if we don't have an LBV member close to them we can always put them in touch with alternative sources of help in their area. 

4. Bureau Central staff can help both English and French home-owners with a range of property management solutions. 

5. LBV champions customer service and integration into French culture because both are essential to our business reputation and our own job satisfaction. We deal with both French- and English-speaking clients, whether based in France or abroad, often dealing on their behalf with local French artisans who repair, maintain and protect their France-based homes.

6. LBV network property managers are selected via a detailed recruitment process to ensure that they meet the standards the LBV network upholds. Many LBV property managers once owned holiday homes themselves in France, so they really do understand the needs of clients.

Why not call us for a chat?

"Sally and her team at LBV saved my life! I had a very difficult property issue in Brittany, to manage from the U.S. Sally was there, every step of the way, making sure everything got done, answering questions and persevering where there were issues. LBV were trustworthy and efficient. This absolutely could not have gotten done without her and her team. I would wholeheartedly recommend LBV to anyone who needs a right hand in France." ~ Tammy Krutchkoff Saunt, GM at Sacred Tiger Music


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