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In the network, we welcome in excess of 2,500 groups of holiday makers to France each year to properties we personally care for on behalf of our clients, their owners. 


That personal involvement means that you can be assured that the holiday accommodation will live up to its advertising, whether large or small, rural idyll or town apartment.


Therefore we put our clients properties on our website and have holiday makers who whilst they change the location of their holiday each year, stick with properties cared for by our network because it takes some of the risk out of their holiday planning. 

 LBV can offer you a taste of France!

Recommended Holiday Properties in France

This is the portal for our clients' French properties which are available for holidays.

We can only recommend properties available for holiday rental in regions where our network is active. The very personal nature of our recommendations is such that each of the properties you will find here is cared for by the Les Bons Voisins network. 

Currently we have properties in Brittany, Lower Normandy, Languedoc, Poitou Charentes, Midi-Pyrennees and Provence.

If you click on any of those regions in the map below, you will be able to see what we can offer.


Holiday Properties Properties in Brittany Properties in Lower Normandy Poitou-Charentes Midi-Pyrénées Languedoc Roussillon Properties in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


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