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It’s never too early to ask us for help -
we can start with essential information gathering, go through the choices with you
and then make your ideas a reality. 


"For over two years LBV have been invaluable with their practical and technical work and advice, as well as looking after the house when we are not there.  We would thoroughly recommend them to anyone in the same situation as ourselves." 

Bill and Janet Mackenzie

help with property maintenance in france

We can work with you to keep your property adequately maintained - putting together a proposal for its maintenance with suggestions for improvements with budget costings for any larger remedial or renovation work. Photographs would be provided where necessary.  We can often undertake minor renovations personally, depending precisely what skills are involved.  As the most frequent visitors to your property, we can spot potential issues and bring them to your attention before they become major problems.

Annual minor maintenance work e.g. painting etc - would be agreed with you prior to commencing any work, but could cover for example bedrooms, tidying up the kitchen and bathrooms perhaps with regrouting or sealing, dealing with any plumbing or electrical problems and rectifying any external faults. The charges would be based on our hourly rate for work done by us.

Outside contractors work would be charged directly to you plus our hourly rate for their supervision, passing on your instructions or checking that they have completed their work for example.  Again you would be kept informed at each stage to make sure you feel in control, even at a distance.

Sourcing of materials for maintenance or fitting out - in the time we have spent here we have covered a lot of ground and now have a collection of good suppliers for virtually all products relating to the house or garden.

We aim for quality products in the middle range price bracket but will of course will try and resource anything you want. On the basis that we are buying competitively in all cases these goods would be charged to you at cost (which does involve paying us in advance so that we have the funds to purchase the items on your behalf) plus the costs incurred checking out the products. We also need to charge our hourly rate for collecting the materials if this applies.

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