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Bureaucracy is a very French word and it can seem like a minefield when you are not “au fait” with the system 


 "Thanks for your help.  No wonder you were the person I thought of when I found myself locked in Bricomarché at mid-day.  Is there no end to your talents?"

Janine Nicholson


Help with administration and French bureaucracy

It often surprises our clients just how much we can assist with administration and language issues that a home owner in France may come across.  From helping you open a bank account, master minding re-registration of a vehicle you might like to keep here, to putting you in touch with a currency exchanger ensuring when you do swop money between countries that you have a favourable exchange rate and no charges to pay - we are here to help. 

Sally Stone roped in unexpectedly to translate at a rememberance ceremony in NormandyWe will as a matter of course introduce ourselves as your local representative at the local Mairie and smooth the path of any procedures or hoops you need to jump through to achieve your objectives!

Not all our translating is as public as this scene at a remembrance service in Normandy!  Our language skills can help in all kinds of circumstances...


The quote on the right is from a client in the Languedoc who telephoned Mariette McVeigh to be rescued from Bricomarché - none of the example we quote are invented and they do say truth is stranger than fiction.  We have been involved in everything from sudden deaths - bound to happen given the sheer number of properties and clients we deal with - through to getting the release of a holiday guest who had been taken into a physchiatric ward in the middle of the night following hallucinations.  We don't want to be involved in such dramas, but it's comforting for our clients to know that we can help in extreme circumstances as well as the run of the mill requirements.  All part of the service.

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